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Cloud Hosting
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Our Price: $36.00 Per Employee Billed Annually

Availability: Available for download within 24 hours
Product Code: HO5000

Description Specifications

Hosting of Clients Database and Web Portal

Database hosting is a managed hosting service wherein a hosting provider provides a secure and accessible database environment for clients. A dedicated hosting environment is a powerful solution for businesses/organizations that are looking to scale efficiently, need to safeguard employee/customer data and rely on peak performance for the best user experience.

VCS has a strategic partnership with Rackspace, the #1 managed cloud company. While your company/organization can host its own database, the advantages offered by VCS for Rackspace database hosting can simplify matters, including:

Availability: VCS can employ a cloud-based environment that duplicates all servers and internal connections for redundancy. This results in zero downtime for your database.

Security: Rackspace will actively monitor all traffic to your database servers to keep an eye out for all suspicious activity, not just cyber attacks. For example, a higher-than-expected number of users on your server could raise a red flag, and the hosting provider will have in-place protocol developed in conjunction with your organization so that a proper response can be executed.

Load balancing: When traffic ramps up on your website, load balancers can distribute it so that your infrastructure continues to run optimally.

Customized solutions: If you’re purchasing hardware to fit your specific needs, the costs can add up quickly, and when your business grows or your needs change, you may find yourself at square one. Thanks to economies of scale, your hardware needs can be met at a fraction of the cost.

Pricing Details
  • Price is Per Employee
  • Billed Annually
  • Specify Number of Employees in Qty Area